Listening to a Timian production is hearing hip-hop, rock, jazz and funk fused into a brand new music experience that is destined to keep people on the dance floor. Born in the Soviet Union, raised in England, and matured in Toronto ON Canada, the beats booming out of his speakers are a reflection of his dynamic life experiences. While creating, Timian envisions people dancing to his music in any environment. They may be alone in their rooms or in the center of a crowded platform in a public space, but when they hear his music, they will dance. Timian is currently working on his first original album entitled Summer Funk Vol 1 to be released spring 2016. The record will celebrate the music that he loves to create the most, funk. A standout at Toronto’s Battle of the Beatmakers2014 and 2015, his production caught the attention of various music production heavy-weights such as Metroboomin and Boi-1da for its creative fusion of old school soul with new school sounds. Timian is known for bringing this creative fusion to his work with emerging Canadian artists B.T.R.O. Project, Dynesti Williams, and Jef Kearns. Timian

hopes to give people the feeling of wanting to laugh and cry at the same time. This is how he feels when creating. If he could provide basic needs to everyone on the planet, he would. Since that is not yet a possibility for him, he aims to provide people’s basic needs sonically through the emotion poured into his beats.  As a baby, Timian was constantly dancing. The music played in his home captivated him. His parents had diverse musical tastes listening to artists such as BB King, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Beuna vista Social Club, Miles Davis, Tom Waits and Jimi Hendrix. Timian never had a moment where he thought of himself as a professional artist; he just let his creativity continue to grow. His mother began teaching him how to play the piano when he was six-years-old, and when he was 11, he taught himself to play the guitar. There were various tribal drums around his house, and by the age of 12, he began playing them as well. As a teenager in England, he was in a few bands and developed an interest in music production. His mentor at the time was really into hip-hop and grime, and he challenged Timian to make a good hip-hop beat. Timian accepted the challenge and found it really difficult. Because it did not come easy to him, he was inspired to take it seriously. From recording tapes on a cassette recorder in the second grade to creating critically acclaimed hip-hop, funk, R&B, soul and pop productions, Timian is an emerging creative to keep on your radar.

“Music is the only thing that works. It helps take your mind off of things. You always want to go back to it. It’s very entertaining, and changes your mood in a unique way. I choose to make people dance.”

- Timian


Photography by XVXY